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tender touch and soft fucking

fucking softly gives an immense pleasure rather than fucking vigorously. sometimes when you are starving for a long then its OK otherwise soft fucking is realy worths.

My parents do not stay with us as back home they look after our fields and moreover I was sent to Mumbai to take care of Maya. Maya got me a seat in reputed college and things were moving well untill one day I caught her with her so called boy friend (aged about 55 -56 yrs). I used to think that Maya earns so much that she is able to afford this luxurious apartment but that day while we were at war of words the truth spilled out.I felt very bad on knowing few facts but kept mum because I too was now used to these luxuries. But I think this caused a subtle shift on the way I treated Maya. I had a total view on her assets and realised that my sis is a hot cake. At 5 ’ 7” height and 36 - 28 - 38 combined with flawless fair skin I presume any body of 70 years will fall flat.I saw her smooth long legs, her well rounded ass, her firm u shaped breasts and I too was fascinated. This boyfriend of maya was a billionare and had our house under watch. I realised that he was so possessive about Maya that he would ring Maya and ask why this or that man or woman has come. It was at this juncture I decided to record him in act and then Maya would be set free. I bugged Maya’s room and waited patiently. One fateful day I had my oppurtunity abd both of them were locked inside the room. I was not able to position camera properly as a result could not see anything but voices were loud and clear.I could hear that man moan with pleasure Mayaaa suuuccck oooooohhhh gooood.A little bit of sucking sound was coming in background and I too had my lund fully erected. Maya lick it nooow slooowlllly deeear yeeeessss like thiiis ohhhhh haaaaannn hmmmmm. Strangely there was no sound of Maya.It was that man only who was moaning and enjoying. Then ” now come here baby I am ready ” for the first time maya spoke ’ you sure ‘.Let us play a little more I am still dry.That man laughed and said you don’t have a choice Maya It is me who will decide not you. Then all of a sudden everything was silent and after a few moments there was a faint sound of maya as if she was in pain. Then again sound of that man hmmm hmmm yeh lee saali nakhre dikhhhhaaaate hai yeh leee aur zoooor seeee leeee hmmmmm oissssh kya karaaaari maaaaaaaaaaalll haiiii yeh leeeeyeh leeeeeee arrreeeee saaaali nicheee seeeee apniii gaaaaannnnd hilaaaaa yeh leeee saaaali kutiyaaaaaa raaaaand yeh leeeeeee kitna paisa dooo saaali yeh leeeee.all the while there was no sound from Maya.After a while perhaps that man finished and as if ordered ” parson phir aaunga… tera flight kab wapas aa raha hai.Maya said ” parson nahi ek week ke liye bahar rahungi”. That man hissed “kyon itna mehnat karti hai paisa mai de doonga aur sun videsh me idhar udhar mu mat marna meri nazar tujh par rahegi “.Then there was total silence and I heard door opening and closing.After that I heard maya talking to someone and expressing her frustrations and lastly adding that she is not enjoying sex also. From next day I fine tuned the camera setting and cross checked it n times to make sure that next time I do’nt miss anything.After a week maya was back and so was that man.I went to my room and shut off the light and switched on my laptop. I keyed in required passwords and activated the camera in maya’s room.I could see that man kissing maya on lips. He thaen started undressing Maya. I too in my room became nude and maya’s beauty of ‘u’ - shaped choochi, flat stomach long legs made me hard.After stripping her that man undressed himself and with roughness pulled maya down to her knees and thrust his limp rod in her mouth. I witnessed all the mechanical things that I had heard last time all over again and realised why maya was totally disssatisfied.I was able to capture few good shots where that man’s face was visible sucking maya’s lovely choochi.I kept on watching maya’s nude body and masterbated for the first time thinking of fucking her. I think the incest stories of human digest helped me to get rid of my inhibitions. The very next day Maya left and I masterbated thinking of her only. By the end of the week I had made up my mind that I will try once to enjoy Maya and when she returned back I was full of compliments for her and felt sorry for her B.F. She was surprised at this change of attitude but visibly was very happy and gave me a tight hug. That man was again back at about 10 p.m and both of them locked themselves in their room. I too went to my room and repeated the tasks I had done earlier. I again recorded him. It was totally one sided show but that bastard was happy fucking Maya. After he was finished he rested for about an hour or so and then left. I saw Maya then going to bathroom and when she returned she was as fresh as dew. Maya went to bed wearing only a bra and panty and within no time she was fast asleep. I masterbated seeing her beautiful body. After some time I too took my bath and massaged myself with a aromatic oil.I then went to maya’s room and slowly opened the door. I took precautions to not make any sound. I approached her bed and watched her. Maya was deep asleep and I kept on staring her body.The boobs were popping out of her bra because it was being pressed against the bluster. My heart was beating at a very fast rate and I felt a tinge of fear. But my lust overcame all the fear and I became totally nude. I then took cream Maya used and applied a huge quantity on my lund. I massaged my lund and now it was very slippery. After lubricating my lund I sat on the floor and very slowly opened the hooks of Maya’s bra. Maya was still asleep and didnot respond. With excitement and nervousness I proceeded further and removed the loop of the bra from left side. Now I could see the left portion of her boobs which were free. I enjoyed the view for few seconds and then faced the dilema as to how to remove the panty without waking her up. No idea struck my mind and with trembling hands I touched the exposed portion of her ass. Still there was no reaction, encouraged by this I put a finger on the strap of her panty and very slowly pulled it down. The panty crossed the hips but would move no further as Maya was sleeping side ways with left portion on top. All I could manage is to slowly and gradually touch her ass cheeks and gently squeeze them. My lund was feeling like it would burst. A thought came to pull out the panty with full force and kiss Maya and then fuck her real hard. But somehow I resisted. After a few minutes An idea struck me and I searched for a Scissors. I was able to locate them in bathroom. I came back and cut across her panty.I sighed at the view of her clean shaven chute. I touched her chute gently felt the lips of her chute with one hand and stroked my lund with the other. I was glad that there was no response from Maya and she was still sleeping. I kept on rubbing her chute and masterbated. My breathing was heavy and it took lot of efforts to not make any sound. At this point Maya turned and was directly facing me. Her lips were partly open and she circled her tongue around her lips. I went around Maya and very slowly freed her from her bra and removed her panty. Now Maya was totally nude in front of me. God knows how much tense I was. Virtually I had reached point of no return by stripping her as if now I left the room she would know in the morning what I did as there was nobody in the house. Finally it was my lust that won the battle and I also joined her on the bed.( Till now I was on the floor ). I straight away went to her ass cheeks and kissed her there. Maya then pulled her bluster close to her and put her one leg over it in such a way that her chute was again visible to me. Without wasting any time I kissed her chute and started playing gently with my tongue. First I licked her chute lips. Even in sleep she responded by pullung her legs further up and thus providing more acess to her chute. Encouraged I inserted my tongue into her chute and moved it in circular manner. Maya responded immediately in sleep and she was getting wet and moaned and grabbed her bluster more tightly. Later she told me she used to have wet dreams like this. Now my tongue was busy and my hands were on her naval region. I was able to feel contractions of her chute and slight shuddering of her stomach. Till now I had maintained a distance of my lund from her body. I could not resist to rub my lund against her back. OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh I erupted and tightly grabbed her. With a swift move I turned and grabbed her from behind. My lund poked her ass and my hands were engaged with her lovely breasts. They were soft and yet firm and the feeling of holding them is beyond words. Maya woke up and for a few seconds could not react but as the fact dawned on her that it was me who was all over her she resisted. I had started kissing her neck and fondled her breasts . She ordered me to leave at once but I was mad and had no intention of doing so. At that point I was so much enchanted with the lust of her body and its aroma that I had made up that if required I would definately enjoy her body. I kept on kissing her neck and kept on begging Maya pleaseee just onceee you are sooo beautifulll.She tried hard to free herself but could not. Then I kissed her ears and and my tongue was inside her ears. It seemed that I would enjoy each and every hole.As now she was awake I was using my both hands and held her from behind. When Maya did’nt stop struggling I turned her and and with a swift action my upper half was on her body. We were face to face. There was anguish on her face but all I could see was juicy lips. I tried to kiss her but she turned her face away. To keep her pinned down I held her both hands with my hands and started kissing her neck. Gradually those kisses turned to licking her neck , shoulder and face. Then I slid down a little and circled my tongue around her lovely nipples. I tasted the sweet nipples one by one and gradually started sucking them. Maya was continuously saying Rahul pls stop. This is not correct but when I started sucking those beautiful nipples her resistance started to wear out. When I stopped to suck to take a breath she raised her breast and said Plllsssss Rahul doooooo it pppplssss. This made me work on her nipples with renewed energy and I fondled her nipples with my tongue. I felt that there was no need to pin her down and freed her hands. Maya was moaning softly and it seemed that she too was swept away by lust. After I had freed her hands she tightly held mt head and pulled me up. There I found her mouth eagerly waiting for a kiss. We kissed each other and the wetness of her lips and the eagerness of her tongue made me crazy with lust and now I wanted her more. Maya, too, was hungry for it and she kissed me like anything. Our lust for each other was driving us crazy and Maya searched for my lund. She gripped it with her soft hands and made a greedy moan iiiii wwwaaaannnnt itttttttt. She soon was down there and took my lund in her mouth. She immediately removed her mouth from my lund and asked me why have u applied oil — oooh god I want to suck it but now I can’t. By this time I again pulled her down and was again sucking her chute. This time she spread her legs wide to allow full access. This was driving her crazy and her moans were becoming louder. Doooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt yeeeessssss aaa lllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttleeeeeeeeee dddddepeeer yyyeeeeeeeeessss Raahuuuuullllllllllllaaahaaaaaah ooooooooh oooh yesss ohh my gggggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooood. Encouraged by Maya’s response I then inserted one finger in her gaaand and the result was great. Maya lifted her lower half and pressed her chute in my face and exclaimed RRRaaaahhhhhhhuuuuul yyyyyouuuuuuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ggggggggggrrrrreeeeeaaaaat. I continued for some time and juices began to flow out of maya’s chute. Maya then said eeenttter, enter now pleeassse Rrrahul I want to cum along with u dooo it nowww. That was a command I loved and was soon over her body with my lund fully inside her. Maya was continuously kissing me. I was in such a pleasure that I cannot find suitable words. The wetness of maya’s mouth and chute was such that there was cchap cchap sound from her chute and wuph wuph sound of our kissing. Maya was gasping for breath and all my thrust were met midway with her thrust.Suddenly Maya turned and she came on top. She increased the speed.I got more excited by her bouncing chuchi with swollen nipples. She held her hairs with both her hands and the view of her smooth armpit and her licking her own lips and sometimes biting her own lips compounded by her moaning drove me faster towards my orgasm. I then grabbed her and pulled her head so that I can kiss her. I could now feel the huge contractions of her vagina walls which were squeezing my lund in a very rythmic manner. She kept the pace of squeezing my pennis with her vagina walls and we kissed and our tongues were entangled when I had my orgasm. I again came on top in dying minutes of my orgasm and gave all my energy in those last 7-8 thrusts. I was almost pulling out upto the tip of my lund and shoving in with full force. I could feel she too was quivering and her vagina walls had fully contracted thus having full grip on my penis. My pennis was now semierect when I was done but Maya pleaded RRahul just few more strokes…..I want to feeel it pleeease Rrr pleeessse and I continued pumping her. Soon she gripped my head and kissed me again and I found her holding me tightly and could feel her body quivering. The sigh of fulfillment was evident and after that her body was devoid of any strength. She lay there with heavy breathing and I on top of her feeling her. I was in that position for quite some time and could feel my lund shrinking and in the process gradually coming out of the pleasure hole. lips biti Once fully out I rolled over and was beside Maya. Both of us did’nt speak for some time and gathered our breath. I knew Maya and myself were sheerly driven by lust and now how to react was puzzling me. Maya closed her eyes and was perhaps thinking the same

seducing a blonde

seducing blonde is a peculier type of enjoyment it is realy worth to enjoy this type of enjoyment.

I had this sexperience with a class mate of mine, Riya, who is AMAZINGLY HOT btw, with a super shaped and tanned body with sexy long legs and boobs that would make anyone go mad for them. We first met in our tuitions. In those coaching classes, there were 7 guys and 10 or so girls, but Riya was by far the hottest chick there, and she knew it. She wore hot-pants and low cut tops, sleeveless and skirts and all kinds of tantalising clothes which used to make guys daydream about her during class. She was my ultimate sexual fantasy. The funny thing was, though she was so hot and attractive, she used to flirt a lot with a normal guy like me. All the other guys used to envy me cos they thought that she was my girlfriend. So it was frustrating for me to be linked with her but still not being able to touch those delicious boobs, or caress that hot and tight ass of hers.I didnt know then that sexual escapades like the one I was about to have were possible, so I was quite sad and I thought I was stuck in a situation without a solution because I was sure that if I asked her out, she would reject me and then we wouldnt even be friends and I would lose whatever I had with her,and I did NOT want to lose sight of those sexy long legs and perfect round tanned boobs. We used to hang out at her or my place quite often and had a casual friendship.Both of our parents worked so we had our houses to ourselves and we were alone often,but she never initiated anything and neither did i.I should mention that Riya had this habit of touching people in a completely normal way when she talked with them. One day when we were at my place, talking, sitting next to each other, she “accidentally” kept her hand quite close to my dick on my thigh.I had noticed but I didnt want to tell her as I was quite liking the feeling and she didnt seem to have noticed it yet.She kept on talking absent mindedly about her friend who had done something that she didnt like etc etc when I suddenly started to get an erection and I was quite uncomfortable because I thought she might get offended, but the feeling of having her hand so close to my dick was so good that I let her carry on.Suddenly she realised where her hand was and noticed the bulge in my pants too and removed her hand quickly and left my house without saying anything. I tried to follow her but I knew that nothing I could say was going to repair things and that all was lost.So I decided to wait and hope that she might not completely break contact. I tried texting her but she didnt reply, I tried calling but she didnt pick up so I decided to apologise in class, but she didnt come for the next 2 days. So on the third day, I decided to go to her p[lace and clear things out. So I went there and rang the bell, as I knew, she was alone.She opened the door and I saw her face, she didnt meet my eyes and I knew that she still was very awkward around me, but she still invited me in her house. I went in and she closed the door. Before I could say anything, she had grasped me from behind and was kissing my mouth, almost eating it out.I was so surprised that I backed off and asked her if she had gone mad. She didnt stop, she kept saying “I want you, I want you so much”. I said that this was wrong, but I knew that I couldnt resist anymore and she knew it too. She gave me a knowing smile and grabbed my cock.This was too much for me to resist, I started grasping her boobs and kissed her deeply and fiercly. She responded with such passion and strength that I felt like having an orgasm then and there. She grabbed my pants and unzipped them and started groping without taking her lips off mine for my cock and put her hand inside my underwear and grabbed my cock.OH the pleasure of it !! I had never had any girl touch my cock before and it felt so good !! She grabbed the shaft and played with the balls and I was loving every moment of it.All this while, I became bolder and removed her sleeveless top and got to live my dream of seeing those heavenly boobs. I couldnt control myself and lickd and sucked and bit every part of her boobs that I could and she moaned with pleasure, stroking my dick hard.My hands were slding into her hot pants from behind and I squeezed her hot ass and couldnt help moaning with divine pleasure. She suddenly stopped and pushed me towards her bedroom and onto her bed. I was ready to do anything in the world at that moment for her.She removed all her clothes one by one and was standing naked in front of me, looking drop dead hot.This was getting too much for me and I started masturbating in front of her, she quickly grabbed my cock and started licking and sucking it, and let me tell you, this girl sucked me dry. I came into her mouth and she swallowed it all and was still pumping and stroking my cock.I was having the time of my life. She then got a bottle of hot chocolate sauce and poured it over her boobs and asked me to lick her clean. I didnt need another invitation ! I licked her clean and started going down towards her clean shaven pussy. It smelt so sweet and when I put my tongue in her love hole she squirmed with pleasure and held my head betweeb thighs and tried to stuff her heavenly triangle into my mouth.I was getting so hard again by doing all this pussy licking. I got up, and she opened her legs wide, inviting me in to her, and I obbliged, pushing my pulsating rod into her tight fuck hole and I was in heaven. Pushing in and out, her finger nails clawing into my back, scratching but I didnt mind.We were engaged in a primal love ritual, not thinking about the consequences not circumstances,We were in our own world where we belonged to each other. After a while, she stopped and turned around and asked me to fuck her doggy style and I guess no living man could have said no at that moment. It was surreal. I could not believe that this was happening and I was so lucky that this sex goddess had chosen me. I pumped and pumped till we both came together into her warm and tight pussy and that feeling was the greatest of all.We both convulsed and dropped down on the bed, tired, but incredibly satisfied. I asked her how come she started this and she said that she always had feelings for me but thought that if things didnt work out, she would lose me and so she never said anything.That day when she saw my hard-on, she knew that I was also interested in her in that way so she was shocked and walked away. But now she had decided that she wanted me and thus when I walked into her house, she couldnt hold herself back.I was so happy ! After she said all this, We kissed,kissed for a long time and finally fell asleep in each others arms. From that day Riya has been my girlfriend and we both are a committed and happy couple and have regular hot and steamy sex sessions. I know some people might think that this story is fake,but I dont care.I wanted to share my happiness with the whole world and Riya has agreed to let me write this.Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my experiences.

great fuck

kissing and fucking is really a joy of life one who could not enjoy he has missed a lot in life.

I had been dating this lovely woman for a couple of months, and we had yet to have sex. She was an amazing woman. She had a great personality and was a very caring woman. She was drop dead gorgeous as well. She was about 5’ 4” tall, although she usually wore high heels which made her a few inches taller. She had brownish hair and beautiful hazel blue eyes. Her body was petite with all the right curves and perfect breasts to match her body. We were just finishing up a date on Tuesday evening and I wanted her so bad. However, I knew it was already late and we both had to work the next morning early. I knew there wasn’t much going on Friday evening so I asked her if we could see each other again Friday. She said “Sure, did you have anything in mind?” I said, “I do, but I’m still working out the details. Let’s just say I’ll pick you up at the office after work Friday, okay?” She smiled at me and winked and said, ”Sure”. We had our good night kiss and I left, wishing it was Friday evening already. Friday came around and I was a total wreck. I couldn’t concentrate on anything at work. I kept thinking about what I hoped was going to be the most amazing night of my life. When 5 o’clock came around I was out the door and quickly driving the few blocks for my place of work to hers. I knew she wouldn’t be done quite yet, since I had picked her up at work before and she never seemed to be done when I got there. I found a parking spot close to the door and went into their office. As I walked through the door, I saw her standing at the copy machine. Her back was to the door. She looked stunning. She was wearing a purple silk blouse and charcoal grey slacks, and of course a pair of high heels. I felt a stirring in my pants and wanted to bend her over the copy machine and take her right there, but knew most of her co-workers were still around. Just then her copy job was done and she grabbed her papers and turned and saw me standing there. She smiled at me and her eyes seemed to sparkle. She said, “I’m just finishing up. Let me put these papers on my desk and grab my purse.” I responded, “Take your time, no rush”. That may have been a lie, I wanted her bad, and couldn’t wait to have her. She returned, ready to go and asked, ”So what is on the agenda for this evening?” smiling at me coyly. I replied, ”Well let’s start with dinner and just take it from there.” She said, “Okay”. I opened the door for her and followed her out. We walked to my vehicle and I opened the door for her. In my world chivalry is not dead. I got in and drove us to our favorite Chinese restaurant. I remember very little about dinner despite having koong pou chicken. I just remember staring at her, yearning to have her, wanting this meal to end. It was not uncommon for us to hold each other as we walked. When we were leaving the restaurant, she wrapped her arm around my waist and I hers. It was too much for me. I allowed my hand to drop to her ass and give her cheek a squeeze. I had never done this to her before and was unsure of what her response might be. She simple giggled and pulled me closer to her. We then got in the vehicle and I drove to my place. We walked inside. Once we were inside, she turned to me and with a smile on her face; she asked me, ” What are we going to do here?” I took both her hands in mine and said to her, “You are an amazing woman. You are a beautiful woman. I want to make love to you tonight.” She did not respond verbally, but stared into my eyes for a moment, then began kissing me passionately. After kissing for several moments, I broke the kiss, took her by the hand, and lead her to the bedroom. Once there, I took her face in my hands and began kissing her once again. After kissing for several moments, I again broke the kiss. I leaned in and whispered in her ear, ” May I undress you?” I then looked into her eyes. Again, she did not respond verbally, she just nodded her head slightly. I started with her blouse which had been tucked into the slacks. I pulled it out and began unbuttoning it from the bottom up. After I got it completely unbuttoned, I softly removed it from her shoulders. I was able to see her bra for the first time. While we hadn’t had sex, various related topics had been discussed. She had asked what kind of lingerie I like. I had explained that I didn’t really have a preference on cut, but preferred satin with lace accents in a rich color. What she was wearing was a royal purple satin bra with lace accents. I looked at it for a moment, and then looked into her eyes. After a moment, she leaned in and whispered in my ear, ”I bought it especially for you and I was hoping this would happen tonight.” I whispered back, ” Thank you so much. It is beautiful and you are beautiful.” I then wrapped my arms around her and held her close to me for a few moments. After holding her for several moments I released her and looked into her eyes. She seemingly knew what I was thinking and simply nodded slightly. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips and while we were kissing I cupped her breasts with my hands. After a few moments, I leaned down and kissed the top of one of her breasts. While I was doing that, I allowed my thumb to rub across the nipple of the other. I could tell her nipples were already hard, underneath the bra. As I did this she let out a soft sigh. I switched and kissed the other breast while allowing my thumb to rub the other nipple. Again she let out a soft sigh. Hardly able to contain myself, I quickly reached around and unhooked the bra and quickly took it off, exposing her beautiful breasts to me for the first time. I looked at them for a few moments. They were perfect in every way. I then looked into her eyes and she nodded at me. I leaned down and began licking and sucking on one of her nipples. She exhaled audibly and moaned slightly. At this point my desire to have her is almost unbearable. As I begin licking and sucking her other nipple, my hand traces down across her stomach and ends its journey between her legs. She spreads them slightly allowing me access as I begin to rub her pussy through her pants. “Oh yes, ” she moans. Encouraged by her response, I get on my knees in front of her and kiss her stomach three times quickly then place one on the front of her pants. Without a hesitation, I reach up and unbuttoned and unzipped her pants exposing beautiful thong panties that matched the bra. I looked up at her and she was already looking down at me. She says to me, “I hope you like them? “ I replied, ” They are beautiful, but I think I am going to like what is under them even better”. To which she replied, ” Well, why don’t you take them off and we’ll just see”. Knowing that I had approval to finish undressing her, I reached and slid the waist of her pants over her hips and down to the floor, helped her step out of them. I quickly returned my attention to her, running my fingers gently over the front of her panties a couple of times. Then allowing a couple of finger to slip under the side of them and run across her pussy. She again moans, “YES”. I can feel her juices on her pussy and want to taste her so bad. I remove my fingers and look her juices on them. Before I can even say anything, she says, “I’ve been thinking about us together and have been wet all day.” I taste her juices on my fingers and say, “You taste so sweet”. I quickly reach up and pull her panties off of her and let them fall to the floor, this time not taking the time for her to step out of them, returning my attention to her pussy. She was cleanly shaven. Smooth, her juices were visible on her pussy. I couldn’t resist. I leaned in and began licking her pussy. Rapidly, I flicked my tongue over her lips. She held my head close to her pussy and said, ” Yes, Yes ” and moaned. I continued to lick her for a couple of minutes, and she let out several more moans and she held my face into her pussy. After a couple of minutes, she pulled back from me. I looked up at her wondering what was wrong. As if knowing what I was thinking, she says, “We need to get you out of those clothes before we make a mess of them.” I had been so into her beautiful body, I had forgotten that I was still completely clothed. I smiled at her, stood up, kissed her on the forehead and had her sit on the side of the bed. I stood in front of her and quickly kicked off my shoes, untied my tie and took off my shirt. As I began to unbuckle my belt, her hands met mine. I stopped and looked at her. She smiled and said, ” Allow me” with a wry little grin on her face. I removed my hands from my belt as she slid off the side of the bed and was kneeling in front of me. My cock was already hard and I had a decent bulge in my pants. She reached up and began messaging my cock through my pants. This just about drove me over the edge. As if she knew how excited I was, she quickly unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and dropped them to the floor. I was excited enough that there was a spot of pre-cum on my brief. She quickly pulled the front waistband of my briefs over my cock exposing it and my balls but not wasting time to take the briefs off. She immediately took the head of my cock into her mouth, circling the tip with her tongue. I moaned and whispered, “Oh yes sweetheart, suck my cock.” She then began taking more and more of me into her mouth until she had me completely in her mouth. Then she withdrew, until only my tip was in her mouth. She took me in and out of her mouth several times before she again stopped with only my tip in her mouth, circling it with her tongue a couple of times. She then released my cock from her mouth. Her attention then went to my balls, licking them and sucking on them. I moaned and said, “Sweetheart, I can’t resist any more, I’m going to cum”. Without a word, she returned her mouth to my cock. After she took the head in her mouth and began to circle it with her tongue, I came. I shot several loads in her mouth and she took every drop. She held my cock in her mouth until my cock started to soften. After she released me from her mouth, I stepped over and sat on the edge of the bed. It had been so amazing, felt so good, I was physically spent. I laid on the bed and she laid down beside me. She just looked at me and I at her for several moments. Then I said, “Sweetheart that was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. You know I’m going to have to return the favour” and I reached over and began caressing her body. She did not immediately respond verbally, but began to blush. After a brief period of thought, she leaned over to me and said, “Well, if you are going to return the favour, you better get started” and she playfully pushed my over onto my back. As I lay on my back, she straddled my head and lowered herself toward me. As she approached I could see that she was even wetter than before. When she was close enough I stuck out my tongue and gave her a quick lick. She moaned and quickly raised herself away from me. Immediately she began lowering herself toward me again. Again, when she was close enough I gave her a quick lick. This continued a few more times, until she finally did not raise herself from me when I licked her. When she finally remained, I gave her a long slow lick, the entire length of her pussy. She tasted so sweet. I began circling her clit with my tongue and she gave out a long, low moan and whispered, ”Oh yes darling, just like that”. As I continued to lick her clit, she began to rock back and forth on me, meeting my tongue. My hands then reached up and began caressing her beautiful breasts. Shortly after, her hands met mine, and together our hands caressed her breasts and played with her nipples. She was obviously getting more excited, but I wanted her to cum soon, so I said, “Sweetheart, I want to finger you too”. Without hesitation she got off of me and laid on her back. I quickly rolled over and my tongue continued to work her clit as she massaged her own breasts. Not sure how tight she would be I slowly began to insert one finger into her pussy as I continued to tongue her clit. She was nice and tight and very wet. As I inserted my finger, she moaned and said, ” Yes Darling”. I fingered her several times with just one finger, each time she gave out a soft moan. 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This happened a few 4ths ago so I thought I would share it with you fond memory . As you know from my previous story or two I’m pretty much a party type guy with an eye for a good time when it happens. I was having a 4th party with about 25-30 people over for the usual beer burgers and brats with the back yard as the party place. As the evening progressed a friend that I have admired for years was having her self a good time and enjoying the drinks and attention from quite a few of the male guests. Now, “Linda” is a 5’3” long strawberry blond hair with green eyes and a body that most men would kill for dream doll! Perky little 34-B tits and an ass that you could set your drink on! Trouble is, she is married to a man who watches her like a hawk and treats her like he owns her. Linda was wearing a cute sun dress that showed her legs and ass as she walked. Sometime around 10:00pm or so I saw her husband downing his 10th beer and working on the Jello shots with some of the other men and swapping bull shit stories around the fire pit and Linda was not in site. Being the good host that I was I went looking for her to see if everything was OK. As I worked my way around the party I became aware that she was not outside anyplace so a trip into the house was in order. A few guests were inside sitting in the air conditioning and in the kitchen in small groups but no Linda. I took a tour down stairs to the lower level where I have a pool table, and a sectional couch, TV, bar and such, with a set of walk-out doors that opens up on the back yard. The lights were off with only the light from the party out back showing in illuminating the area with a soft glow. There on the sectional was Linda, asleep with her legs spread and her dress up around her hips! Lord, what a sight! Her panties must have been left at home because she had none on and in the soft light I could see she kept her pussy shaved. Now, here I was with a raging hard on and this little goddess laying there in front of me. I could see her old man and he was feeling no pain from the drinks and looked like he didn’t care where she was, so being the impulsive dude I was I moved over to her and knelt down between her legs and eased them completely apart! As I moved my face between her legs I just had to taste her, just a little I thought as she slept. I used my hands to open her small pussy lips and let my tongue slide between her lips and probe her hole, as I licked and sucked she started to move her hips and moan softly as I sucked away enjoying the sweetest pussy I had ever tasted. This lasted for about a minute as she put her hands to my head and urged me deeper, her moans became a little more and her breathing became a little faster, then she realized that I was not her husband! 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I said “We better get back to the party” as I put the ol’ home wrecker back in my pants and she put herself together. I went out first and a moment later she followed me back into the back yard and back to the party. As the evening wore on we glanced at each other and I saw a look in her eyes that said she was wanting more of what she had tasted earlier. Around 12:00 we ran out of ice and since I was the only one who was sober enough and since it was my party I said I would make an ice run. I asked if anyone wanted to go along to help and her husband said to take Linda, as she had not done too much to help with everything so far. Linda said she didn’t think she wanted to go, but he said “I told you to get in the truck and help with the ice, now get going woman” so her and I started to the street to get the ice. She climbed into the cab as I got in and started the truck and we started up the road toward town and the store. Once we were out of site of the house I pulled over to the side of the road and shut the truck down and turned to her. Not saying a word I pulled her legs and ass across the seat moving them apart and raising her dress at the same time. I freed by rock hard cock and got between her legs, she said “I don’t think I can take that” as I climbed between her legs and held them open and spread wide. “Take hold of it and guide it into your pussy” I said to her, she took it in her small hand and placed it at the her opening and started to rub it up and down her slit, she was as wet as any woman I have ever been with and as she rubbed my cock across her clit she would make a funny little noise, with faster strokes she kept hitting her clit until her legs spread wider and she started to cry out and shake. That was all the prompting I needed, I sunk half of my cock into her in one stroke as her legs went up in the air and she cried out that it was too big and fat for her! 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